The Drgn Clan Leather House was founded in 2020 by our Patron Sir Drgn. It is based on the basic principles of Leather, Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, Service, and Honor.

Home Leather Club

We are honored to be able to call  The Las Vegas Boys of Leather, L.A.I.D., and The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas our Leather Clubs. These amazing organization do so much for the community and we are proud to have members of the clan be members of these various clubs.

Leather Families

In a slight break of Leather Tradition, we are incredibly proud to be able to say we have the blessing and support of two honored and revered Leather Families in Las Vegas. Both Master Peter Raven of House Raven, and Master Peter of House Peter have given us their support in starting this house. They are our mentors and dearest friends. 


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be Kinky.

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